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Alcohol and Drug Detox

Professional alcohol and drug detox programs are the first step in long-term substance abuse treatment. Withdrawal from addictions to substances like alcohol, benzos, and opioids can be dangerous. It needs professional medical supervision. A good detox center is the best place to begin addiction recovery.

When someone stops using drugs or alcohol, withdrawal symptoms are common. Avenues detox center professionals ease these symptoms. They guide the patient through detoxing from drugs or detoxing from drinking, safely and comfortably. Staff works to lessen relapse risk and aid transition into ongoing addiction treatment. Seamless transitions from inpatient detox to outpatient services is a signature of Avenues. Our facilities work together to give clients the very best treatment experience possible.

Avenues detox facilities have earned a sparkling reputation. Our team of compassionate and knowledgeable clinicians understand how to navigate the system. We establish a smooth process and are at your side every step of the way.

Crisis Stabilization

A short-term intense therapy intervention is sometimes necessary to prepare clients suffering from addiction for long-term residential treatment. Goals of the program include prevention of a need for hospitalization or other emergency measures.

Our crisis stabilization program focuses on all encompassing mental health assessments, dual disorder diagnoses, and one on one therapy sessions. Generally lasting three to five days, it gives incoming patients the support necessary to weather their current acute substance abuse or mental health crisis.

It allows them to enter sustained inpatient treatment at Avenues Recovery Center in the proper frame of mind. This has created a proven pathway to positive outcomes and lasting sobriety.

Residential Treatment

Inpatient addiction treatment at Avenues Recovery Maryland is renowned for its personalized treatment plans, warm community atmosphere, and highly skilled staff.

We understand that each client’s struggle with substance and alcohol abuse is unique to his or her experiences and background. Our team focuses on giving each person the tools and skills they need to produce lasting positive outcomes. Group counseling, individual therapy sessions, peer support and family involvement are all employed in our holistic approach to addiction treatment. The Avenues mission is to provide a path to reintegration to society and a plan for living a meaningful and productive life upon completing treatment.

Spacious and airy grounds contribute to an atmosphere of vibrancy and healing. At Avenues, clients will find the peace and comfort to pursue the growth they are seeking. A case management team removes the burden of the distractions of outside life, so each person under our care can fully concentrate on getting well and getting sober.

Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

Avenues Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) are the next step in addiction treatment. It is comprehensive, structured, and evidence based.

In PHP, clients spend approximately five hours a day, five days a week at our treatment center. Treatment continues, while allowing clients to live in the comfort of their own homes. Many feel safer in a protected environment while in PHP. Avenues has partnerships with nearby sober living facilities to fill that need.

While in PHP, clients take part in a variety of wellness activities. Group therapy, individual therapy, evidenced-based treatments, holistic therapies, recreational activities are all included.

Loved ones struggling with addiction places unbearable stress on the family unit. Avenues Recovery treats addiction as a family issue. We offer ongoing support and guidance to the patient’s loved ones. Treatment plans that include family are key to a truly successful rehabilitation program.

Avenues Recovery offers free transportation services for those enrolled in our program.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

Intensive outpatient program (IOP) is the next phase of addiction recovery treatment. Avenues Recovery IOP provides intensive clinical therapy and counseling. Patients continue growth while maintaining their employment and life responsibilities.

IOP clients continue to develop recovery skills and incorporate further education and therapy. Leadership training, relapse prevention, and communication skills are all included.

At Avenues Recovery IOP, clients spend 3 to 4 hours per day, 3 days a week in our treatment center. During this time, recovery becomes deeply rooted while rebuilding work and family life. We customize a program for every individual to ensure continued recovery.

Outpatient (OP)

We recommend Avenues outpatient therapy (OP) for graduates of higher levels of care. It serves as valuable maintenance and allows further growth.

Avenues Recovery OP programs consists of one individual session and/or one group session weekly. We customize programs for each client to a healthy balance of life and recovery. Avenues OP promotes a flexible schedule. Length of stay depends on each individual’s specific needs.

Dual Diagnosis

Many times, the problem isn’t just addiction.

It is common for a person with a substance addiction to be struggling with co-occurring conditions like depression or anxiety. Dual diagnoses need integrated care to comprehensively address both conditions.

Sometimes one condition might contribute to or worsen the other. For example, someone might use drugs or alcohol to cope with symptoms of mental illness. On the other hand, substance abuse can exacerbate mental illness. Failing to treat both issues can put the individual at an increased risk of relapse. It is crucial for his or her rehab program to recognize that.

Avenues Recovery bases dual diagnosis treatment on the individual’s needs and preferences. We may use medication in combination with behavioral therapies.

Military Track

Avenues Recovery: A Maryland Tricare Preferred Provider

Military veterans struggling with substance use disorder and alcoholism is a growing problem in our country. The cold realities of war and the trauma it brings creates anxiety and mental health disorders that contribute to developing addictions. Soldiers experience disproportionate loss and live with a fear of dying at any moment. Their battles with addiction mental wellness need to be addressed with a program especially tailored to enabling their personal paths to recovery.

Almost 20 million military veterans live in the US, and a large percentage of these heroes make their home in the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. areas. Avenues Recovery has developed a military track to specifically help this population find a sustainable model of recovery. There are groups dedicated to military personnel and members of the staff who have extensively trained on how to reach the military population and ensure their growth.

Avenues Recovery of Maryland is a fully approved and authorized Tricare facility. We expertly administer the substance use and mental health care so desperately needed for Tricare eligible military veterans in the Maryland and Virginia regions. Our soldiers deserve the best care possible and we are proud to serve as an addiction and mental health resource to the veterans we cherish.

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